Online Resources

Links to some online resources profitable for the church life:

New Testament: Online version with study aids such as topical outlines, footnotes, cross-references and advanced search features. Enjoy the light in His Word.

Spiritual Songs : Collections of hymns complete with music and guitar/piano lead sheets. Be refreshed and watered by singing to the Lord.

Life-Study: The Bible is God-breathed and it conveys God’s eternal and divine life to us. This book-by-book study of the Bible opens up the truth from the standpoint of life helping us touch God as life in our spirit.

Free Study Bible: Bibles for America offers a free study bible and study aids including smartphone apps. The Church in Lowell volunteers with local bible distribution and hosts periodic bible seminars.


LSM Christian Radio –

Pursue with Those (Young People) – 

Family Time Videos (Children) –

Bible Story Songs Radio (Children) –


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